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Top 5 Summer Things Around Here

Summer is in full swing. The weather is getting hotter by the minute. (friendly reminder: Drink that water!!)

Summer fun doesn't mean spending lots money or even having to go far.   Here are some of our favorites we are enjoying that  you can do as well that wouldn't break the bank.

Library Time :

 Check your local library as during the Summer they have loads of activities for kids for all ages. We love to check the schedule and see what the kids can do. Our library has a newsletter that you can sign up to receive news as to what's going on. Our local library has movie night, crafts, even a cooking day. PLUS free air conditioner and wifi so mama can work while the kids have fun. I call that a win- win!

Free Ice Cream Day:

We found out that Baskin-Robbins and Carvel  have days during the week that are buy one get one free. Baskin-Robbin is Tuesday's get a free scoop when you buy one. Carvel is on Wednesday's Buy one Sundae and get one free. Being its usually the younger 3 that go on our little walking adventures it works out everyone gets a treat. Check your locations to see what they offer and what days they have them.
I also made sure to sign up for their newsletters because you get some good coupons and deals for both and get free birthday goodies.

Farmers Market:

We try to go at least every two weeks and I like to give the Littles their own money ( usually like $5) and that way they can go around the market and pick something they want to enjoy. Plus there are always samples that's actually my 13 year old son's favorite part! It's a chance for them to taste new things and see what farmers bring and grow. Plus you are supporting small business which is a super bonus.

Water Playgrounds:

Need I say more. What can be more fun then water fun? What we did was look online and searched best water playgrounds in Long Island (you can put your county to find yours) and you become an instant parent rock star! I love to discover new parks to visit. We are looking forward to going to one that the kids picked in the coming weeks. Another FREE fun activity.

Time Together

We love Summer since we don't have a set schedule. We aren't rushing to make sure lunches are made and out to catch the bus on time. No deadlines no alarms. Just time to enjoy. These 2 1/2 months FLY by. This is the time to recharge and enjoy each other. I love being able to read together or play board games. Make meals together and just enjoying it all. Time flies by way to quickly and they grow even faster. So even though some at this point are saying Oh man when does school start stop and just deep breathes and enough it. YUP even the mess that is staring at you while you type on your blog...wait that's me,but seriously enjoy every minute of it.

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