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12 Things to Look Forward to Loving in Autumn

It seems that people have two different emotions when the end of Summer is near. Either they are sad to see it end or are excited for Fall to arrive.

I for one must admit although Summer is beyond awesome there is something about Fall that makes me just love it a bit more.

For fun I thought I'd share a little graph of things I'm looking forward to this Autumn. I am so happy to say I already have started my Autumn fun with having my first Pumpkin Iced Latte... OK I've already had 3 since Saturday.  (YAY Dunkin Donuts!)

This morning as we went out for a walk it was the perfect weather where we actually had to wear long sleeves. It was delicious!

Tonight I plan to start doing a bit of digging for some Fall Crockpot recipes (I'll be sharing how I changed some of our favorites to be low calorie and a bit healthier)

I can't wait to take those photographs with the amazing colors that fall brings. I actually have something else I will sharing as I document the last year of junior high for my youngest son.

This school year is going to be another exciting one. I can't wait to share the many ideas I have already in the works.

So now that I've gotten you excited for Fall with this little list of mine. What are some of the things you are looking forward to this Fall? I'd love to read what's on your list.

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