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August Month of Farewells and New Beginnings

Anyone else checking their calendar and thinking HOW could it be August already? I know it took me back and had to get myself together.

What this means is this month is about to start up the crazy! This month is all about trying to squeeze all the fun we can. Truth be told we didn't really get to what we had wanted to do as time schedules didn't make it happen. That only means each week we have to make it happen.

We have tickets for two different adventures so that is already two weeks that have some fun in it. Although we still have plenty more to squeeze in. This month also calls orientation as well as the start of college for my oldest. It's a very new step and beginning for us both. It shall be interesting to see it unfold.

I also will have to plan out our school shopping for the Littles who have a month to go before school starts. It also means last bits of finishing up school work we might have not finished. Plus working on getting back on routine  as well since the kids have had no real bedtime or wake up time. I must admit the waking up part I personally am NOT looking forward to at all.

As the kids all head back to work I have my own personal goals. I am working to see HOW I can personally bring in any extra income. THAT is a big one. I have lots to plan ahead and sadly go figure they involve being able to afford them. As I've said and been saying I leave it in God's hands he knows best and that's all I can do is trust that his will be done as I work hard in the middle of it all.

With that being said I'd love if you guys would help me out. Would anyone be interested in a Project Life Mini Class. The cost of the class wouldn't be more then $10

It's will include a short video and hand out. You know how passionate I am about being able to document this way. As I have seen many of my friends and family grow their own family all I want to scream is document your moments.  Time flies by so super fast I can not even tell you. (OK that seems all I can keep saying as of late as my see my own children zoom by) if this sounds like something you would be interested just leave me a comment below.

Some other goals I want to complete include doing a workout Challenge as well as more water as I must admit my water intake had gone down even with this crazy hot weather which is NOT a good thing.

I also want to share with you some more recipes that are healthy and low calorie AND kids approve. They have been my go this Summer.

I also am planning some other fun that are still in the works but once I get more details I'll be sharing it.

Now I'm off to work on my long to do list and organizing it to make it easier to get done! What are some things on your list this month?

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