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The Curse of The 6 Letter Word

Alright let's get serious today. This is kind of something personal but I felt if I am feeling it then I know there has to be others right?

With our oldest going to college and our 2 middle ones going to Catholic school it has really been up and center.  My husband is the one who brings in for the most part the income for the home. I have bits of odds and ends where I am blessed to be able put a few cents in.
Sure I am the CEO of keeping the household in check but I want to do more when it comes to financially.

This is when something not so fun comes into play.  BUDGET. What I call "the curse of the 6 letter word" 

For me to work outside the home isn't something I could do right now. That means I need to get my thinking cap on and see what I can do from home.

Today I'm going to share a few things that have been working for me. The first step to really being able to do this is to STOP comparing you with what others have or are doing.

I know many times we hear/see this but it can be hard to actually take it to heart. I really had to sit and actually pray about this.  I've seen posts where bloggers post their monthly income where they are making thousands of dollars.... YEAH not me. It's VERY rare I make a good income. So sadly blogging isn't going to crack it at least for me. I mean I'll keep trying and hopefully my blog will grow but I know I need to focus in other ways.

Here are 5 ways beside Blogging I have earned income:

1: Cut/End unnecessary memberships: This one can be SO hard because knowing that there is some sort of happy mail coming your way each month is so fun and it's the treat that seems to cheer us after just getting what seems only bills in the mail.
I personally knew that some things weren't really needed. I use to have 1 scrapbook memberships and 1 planner memberships. Where I'd get some very fun and wonderful products. Yes it was AWESOME but in those 2 it was almost $60 So I cut them off.

It was like pulling a very sticky band aid off. OH MAN did it hurt but I did it. I had a total why me pity party but then again went into prayer and thought of what I could do with that money instead. I know in the long run it was a very good thing to do.

2.Coupons and Deals is King: This is one I actually have used and it's kind of a fun game to be able to find deals. I've learned if you sign up for the supermarket and stores you shop for you can get some discounts that you can use when in store. At the supermarket I've learned that if you go to the meat department you can ask when days will the butcher special which is the meats that need to be sold soon and the prices are lowered and I've gotten some really good deals from it. I also like using my CVS app because I get alerts as to when there are sales because that's our go to place when we need certain things before our weekly grocery shopping. It's a good way also to earn "free money". Just downloading the app you get $5 CVS bucks.

3. Before Buying Think : When you are out and about how many things have you purchased only to come home and say wait why did I get this?(Think the Target $1 spot!)  Was it because it was on sale or did you really need it? I must admit I was an  impulse buyer so i have to stop myself many a times even take the item with me and just put it to the side when getting to the register. Next time you grab that 10th million coffee cup think do you really need it? *no matter how cute!*

4. Are you Saving: This is one that even though it seems logical it can be the hardest to do. You think with that extra 5,10 dollars you could get just one more thing but in the meanwhile your savings is looking sad. REAL SAD. Yup that was me.
What I learned is I needed to separate where I was saving and not the same as my regular accounts where it was just an easy hit of a transfer button via my phone.

That's when I opened up a Capital One 360 Savings account. I love it. There aren't any monthly fees and NO need to keep a certain balance!!!
I've been able to put any extra pennies I get into it. It's an easy way to be able to put money aside and if you do need it you can transfer money back into your bank account very easily (it does take a couple of days to be put in though) This has been the best thing I've done so far for my family and am proud in being able to do it.
 Click HERE to open up your own account! I personally opened up my account with only $5 dollars!

5 Get Free Money: This is one that even though I had done I never have really put effort into it until this past Summer. Swagbucks. YES you read right free what I have been doing as of late is setting at least an hr a day to go in and do a few surveys and as the points add up you are able to trade them in for amazon cards or what I have been saving my points for is actually money which is sent to me via Paypal! Sign up HERE so you can start.

Now I hope these tips helped you and if they do I'd love to hear about it! 

 ***Disclosure: There may be affiliate links in this post. Thank you
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