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The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Pre K Homeschooling

I may have lost my mind on this one being this school year will be a BIG one. My youngest son is in his last year before high school and unlike my oldest who decided that he would just go to public school he wants to continue going to Catholic school and will need to take entrance exams plus this year is his conformation. It's going to be one amazing busy year.

 I had been thinking of homeschooling our youngest for a while and I think this is best for her.
 I've been doing some research and I plan to start our curriculum a week from today.

What prompted me to do this in the first place is that I see how eager my little one is to learn. How she has been picking up things as she hears her sibling while doing Summer homework and how she repeats after a story or something we have taught her.  I also believe this will benefit her in the long run to prepare her once she does enter regular school.

I've always taught my kids but this is the first time I will be setting a curriculum in play where it will be more of a daily schedule for her.

Today I'm going to share a few of the things that I have been working on putting together for the first month. This is the way I believe will make it the simplest way to start off our journey.

First 4 week Lessons will include : 

Finish up purchases of Supplies

Book of the Week

Focus Letter  

Key Words


To keep myself accountable I will share once a week an update and if wanted I'll share a lesson that I did with my daughter. I really am looking forward to seeing my little one grow as well as being able to share something that you might be able to use with your little ones.

For Starters here are the Supplies I have gathered :

I am so excited to share this new adventures with you. If you already home school I'd love to hear what are your favorite sources and how long have you been doing it.  I need all the help I can get.  Here is to one amazing and wonderful school year.
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