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Why Back to School Shopping Online is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Raise your hand if you have your kids school supply lists,highlighters in hand while cutting coupons and comparing prices from every stores because SCHOOL is around the corner and you haven't got ANYTHING yet!

That was totally  me UNTIL I got a light bulb moment and thought hey why can't I do this different this year.

 With my oldest going to college and my two other school bound kids having big upcoming school year with the cherry on top of  my Husband's crazy schedule there is hardly any time to squeeze our very large to do Lists we end up each week.

This is when I decided to look at how I could make school shopping a bit easier. I actually do most of shopping online and I do so because I actually have found better deals then going to a physical store.  I thought would it be the same for school supplies?

To my happy surprise it actually has been! I have been able to shop online and get amazing deals.

Here are my favorite that I have shopped from:

Target : When you spend $50 you get free shipping! YAY that's a bonus because I figured that extra $6 could be more pencils/pens to stash.  I also was able to enjoy an early school sale. I actually love that I didn't have to go into the madness that in store shopping has become. Dare I say it can worse then Christmas shopping.

I give Target shopping a B+  for being able to find supplies needed in my kids list and a good price/shipping.

Walmart: Another store that if you spend $50 you get free shipping. I actually was able to find a few things Target didn't have which I loved and I was able to get a couple of things that were bulk (pens & pencils) which in my house the more I have the more we need! The thing I didn't like is that they sent things at different times and not all together so I kept check on my account as I saw things being billed piece by piece instead of all together.

I give Walmart Shopping an  A- because of the tracking on the fees was NOT fun and getting pieces of the order felt as it was a waste.

Staples : AHH the good old go to for years store. You'd thing I would have been the most excited but not really. I mean of course it's the go to place to get the composition books but now that my kids are getting older they aren't using these as before (I've bought like 50 of them at a time once a time ago!) I did like that i didn't have to purchase $50 to get free shipping as long as I have the rewards card which I do (it's free) . All you need to do is spend $14.99 or more.  I didn't purchase too much as I actually didn't see too many deals that were cheaper from the previous stores, but still a few deals.

I give Staples an A  for the prices and shipping. Glad they send everything together as well.

All in all my online back to school shopping was pretty awesome and all I can say is why didn't I do this before! It saved me time and stress and I got  shop in pj's with a cup of iced latte in front of me!

I most definitely will do this again next year! Have you shopped online for your kids supplies? What was your experience I'd love to hear!

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