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5 Quick Tips to make Breakfast a Success with your Kids

Nothing can get you as stressed more then getting ready in the morning and thinking OH my goodness, breakfast we have to get that in.

We know it's the most important meal of the day at least it is with my family. If we don't squeeze it in then our day will get a bit wonky and just not feel as it should.

These are a few things that have helped my family ensure we get our breakfast in to make sure we give our day the start it should.

Never underestimate the power of the waffle maker : For me my waffle maker is my go to for super quick and yummy recipes that my kids love. You can put almost everything in it and it will guarantee will taste better!  A favorite of my kids is to make a grilled waffle breakfast sandwich. make a reg. sandwich and put it in the waffle maker and you get magic.  Your kids will love it. Its a quick way to get something on the go. Check out this Recipe as well as This one that are favorites around here.

Overnight for the Win : I am such a fan of overnight breakfast oatmeal. These are prefect to get your kids involved. They can add the fruits they like and will enjoy it that much more. Bonus if your like me and have multiple kids to get out the door in morning they can go into the fridge and just grab their own food to eat. Some of our favorites that we make are these.

Planning really works: I really have seen over and over again that when I've written down what we are going to have for any meal it's more likely to eat what we planned. This has helped us not only with time but also with money.We know what to buy and what we will need and stay in budget.

Set the Example : How many of us are guilty of pushing our kids to eat breakfast but we grab whatever and make unhealthy choices for ourselves?  I use to be guilty of this until I saw that my oldest was just eating whatever and I knew that what he was eating wasn't going to give him any energy or be nutritious. When I asked him why was he eating that he said well you do it. Of course I knew I had to do better and I have and now he does as well, so make sure you are giving good examples when it comes what your eating and it will make it easier to have your kids make smarter choices when eating.

Relax: I know that sometimes we are in such a rush trying to get everyone out the door and trying to make sure our kids eat something we end up just pushing something that they aren't going to enjoy and end up going on their way already not feeling at all in a good mode and to me I know if I leave in a bad mode my morning takes a while to get back on track. What I do when I see breakfast is going to be on the almost epic fail scale I have a section in the cabinets that are for "emergency" breakfast. There is where I have juices and breakfast bars and they know to grab a fruit too. That way I know they have something they can eat on their way. That way there is no stress and that "breakfast gloom cloud" over their head. It really has made a difference not only for my kids but for me as well. Them knowing that it's OK if we running late because there is always a back up. Now we just need to stress over making sure we grab everything else we need but I'll leave how I deal with those days on another post.

I hope these few tips will help you and your kids as we start up again our daily routine.
What are some things that have worked for you and your kids to make sure you have got breakfast in?

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