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Documenting The School Year Without Getting Overwhelmed

Stopping on my blog you would know that I am very passionate when it comes to documenting and preserving memories. Especially when it comes for my kids.

Today I wanted to share how I will be documenting the school year for my youngest son who will be gradating this school year and will go into high school next year. This is also the last year he will be at the school he is in. He's been there since Kindergarten so it's bitter sweet.

You bet I have LOTS of memorabilia from over the years and that's what I want to share today. How I have been able to document the school years without pulling all my hair out.

Favorite Apps : 

I am a big fan of apps as they really have made documenting so much easier. Some of these you might have heard of and some maybe not. Using them all together makes it so keep it together.

Collect App : This isn't the first time I've mentioned this app and I can never say enough because it makes tracking days so much easier. What I have done is downloaded it on my both my Ipad and phone on my phone I keep everyday moments documented. You just go in daily (you can set a reminder) and add your picture (or pictures) of the day that way you can go back and have what you wanted documented. My Ipad I track my school pictures. It helps as I wouldn't have a daily school pictures but what I do have will be stored on the day it was taken and keeping order.

PicFrame : This is where I create my collages and use to put together two 3x4 pictures on a 4x6 frame so when I get it printed all I do is cut it and will have 2 pictures. I also use it for collages with multiple pictures keeping in mind the sizes for when I want to print.

Printicular : This is how I get my pictures printed. I don't know about you but I like to print my pictures quickly and if I don't print them at home I use this app to send the pictures I put together with the PicFrame app. Use the coupon MEAM and it will give you 10% your prints every time!

Tips on keeping it together : 

Now that are kids are in school we will start to get weekly piles of paperwork. Old homework, class notes, drawings, tests etc. We love to receive them but do we REALLY need to keep it all? No, not all! I do keep certain things like this letter below.

I did keep the letter we got in the mail for when my youngest son started school. I actually have all the welcome letters of my kids.  This will be the opening page of the album I am making for my son for his graduation. I plan on documenting this last year and couldn't think of a better way to start the album.

This picture is also to share how I document all the paperwork that is returned to us. Photograph it! I will be doing this for my youngest who I am homeschooling Pre-K with as she will really have lots of paperwork and I want to remember it all but not hoard all the papers. I plan on making a book for her full of her paperwork.

Now you have your pictures and papers you want to save now what right? Where to keep them?

You can go to your local craft store and get a 12x12 album and purchase page protectors to keep them safe.

I of course use Becky Higgins Project Life products that can either be found at stores (you can check online to see which store by you they are available) or you can purchase online. I love to use the cards available that have wonderful prompts to document the school years.

The most important thing to remember is to keep it simple don't stress . These are amazing years and it will go by so fast. I truly believe these are little treasure that your kids will love. I already see it in my oldest who has said wow you actually have that and gets to remember moments he had forget about it.

If you would like me to share more about this topic just let me know and I'll be very happy to do so! 
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