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Five Friday Mama Facts

This is IT my kids & I last Friday before Summer is over... Then I started to think about how my Fridays are so much more different then when I wasn't a mother 20 years ago!

  • Friday meant after work I'd run to get my hair done. Now it means I've mastered my hair bun finally by the end of the week and am thankful there isn't extra "stuff" in it.
  • Friday meant when I woke up I had the biggest smile on my face because I knew there would be fun around the corner. Now I smile knowing I have some fresh cleaning products to get the house clean.
  • Friday meant I was about to relax and get my club on! Now Friday means I'll be getting comfy on my couch and will be watching a movie/shows with the kids. If we are lucky some good snacks would be involved.
  • Friday would mean I would go eat out Now it means I have Pizza in.
  • Friday mean the next day I would get to sleep in. Now....Sleep In.. was that all just seems like a myth now.

Reflections of the total change of my Fridays make me think... I am so blessed and love every moment of what my Friday's mean now.

It means I've been honored to be a mom & rock my quick hair styles like nobody's business and watch my kids get excited for a Friday as now they get to run home and tell me YES no school tomorrow, provide a clean home ready for their weekend adventures, make memories as we enjoy a movie and good food and I'm able to get up and check on them and see those faces that have filled my heart fast asleep in early weekend mornings.

I wouldn't change my Friday for anything.
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