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Movie Theater Experience at Home on a Budget

Is there anything better them getting comfy on a couch and cuddling with your favorite blanket and watching a movie together.

For my family we have come to really enjoy this regular treat come the weekend. With the prices of tickets just going up and up and us being a family of 6 it's getting way to expensive so we have learned to be patient and wait for the movies to be released, which nowadays the wait isn't that long because we are able to rent them only a few months after and enjoy it at home.

When we see a movie that is coming out we have a little book where we put the name of that movie in it so we can remember to look for it.
If the movie does pretty well then we can get an estimate on when it's going to be released and I put a note of when it will be up for rental/purchase.

We have been doing good and watched lots of movies this past Summer we just have a few more to catch up as we watched lots of documentaries (my kids love them and I can't say no! We learning y'all)

To make our movie watching that much more special I am always on the look out for sales on treats to keep in a closet that are just for our movie nights.
That closet not only holds our treats but it also holds our movie blankets and pillows. It make it super easy for us to have a movie night really quickly.

I also have another notebook that the kids write down requests for treats to stock up on. It's really a fun thing. We have our own theater at home without having to spend almost $200 on tickets and food on us I say that's a smart way for the movies.

We do go to the movies on occasion but again we make sure to go to the first showing of the day so we get the cheapest price but again there are still 6 of us (well 5 paying) plus snacks again is expensive.

I hope theses tips give you an idea of what you could maybe do at home as well. 
Now if you were curious what's on our list for the last of the Summer list here it is :

  • ZooTopia
  • The Angry Birds
  • Ninja Turtles 
  • The Jungle Book

This weekend we are going to be working on a new list and I'll share what it holds at a latter date. This weekend I thing we are going to finally watch ZooTopia and The Jungle Book (maybe squeeze in one more we shall see)

What are some movies you are looking to seeing and if you have seen these movies on our list what did you think? 

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