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New Month working Hard for New Goals

New month means new goals. This month is one that I am putting myself out there as far as blogger goals. I figure if I put it out there I will have to REALLY work on them right?

I've had this blog for more then 5 years and only started to focus into making it grow only since last year.

Since then I've been learning and growing myself  to learn what is needed and now I've reached the point where I am no brave enough to put to work what I learned.

Here are the goals I will be working on this Month:

 Instagram : Grow my connection right now I'm at 900 Goal :  September Goal 1000

Facebook Page : I'm at 550 September  Goal :  1000

Twitter : I'm at 1080 September  Goal:  1500

Pinterest : I'm at 425  September Goal : 800

Newsletter Subscriptions  : I'm at 55 September Goal 200

Alright there it is I am PUTTING it out there! I am working hard and putting together several things that I actually have put on pause because I've been afraid.

 I've always been one to tell my kids "Try because you never know unless you try and What is the worst that can happen you get a no but at least you know you try" So I believe it isn't fair that I'm not practicing what I'm preaching so here goes nothing.

If you would like to help me (I'd be so thankful) you can just click on the above links and follow my adventures on my different social media outlets!

Here is to an awesome and productive new month for us all!  I'm saying a month that gives us crunchy pretty colorful leaves and Pumpkin Lattes has to rock right?

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