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Preparing Our First Week of Pre K HomeSchool

Although I had taught my other 3 children at home but it wasn't anything really structured. It was all in fun and games.

 This time around with my youngest as I can see she is REALLY ready for the structure school will bring to her next year.

Needless to say that I am nervous about it but I know this is what she needs so I started to start to do some research over the Summer. I made up my mind that I would do this for my girl.

I knew that Pinterest would be the gold mine and MAN was I right I was able to find many resources and all the ones I will be using are free (as of right now). Here is my board that I am building if you would like to check it out.

Here are some sources that were free that we will be using these first couple of weeks.

Activity School Bus I love that they have some found some amazing printables and lessons can't wait to start. For our first week I printed out some of the Traceable Letter A sheets that are available. I also see they have videos available for my girlie to learn along with what she will be learning.

The Relaxed Homeschool : Just the name made me want to check it out and I was so happy that I did stop by. If you sign up for the newsletter  you get access to free library to more fun home school activities especially for Pre K  curriculum. This site has so much I can't wait to have the time to dig in some more.

Elizabeth Clare's Blog : I found this blog as I was looking for a mom who was Catholic and homeschooling and loved what I found. I love how my little one has a big love for our for Faith already and its so beautiful to watch flourish so I want to make sure to incorporate  it in her daily learning since we already do with going to daily mass and coloring pages of psalms but to be able to make lesson plans around certain readings will be fun.

I did also download ABC Mouse because well it's everywhere right? It does have a few but you can use it for 30 days for free and that's what we will be doing using the free 30 days and I will use of it as much as possible before it expires.

I will be sharing little snips of our day via Instagram so if your not following just got to @eaugustin
and follow along our adventures.

Well it's our first official day so first things first coffee for mama and oatmeal for the bean!

If you are homeschooling or have any tips I would LOVE if you would share it with me.  
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