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School's Back In Session Time to Snap

Of course I couldn't let school start and not talk about snapping right?  Not that kind (well yet) I'm talking about photography.

If you have stopped by my blog before you know that nothing is more wonderful for me then to be able to capture moments via photography.

 I love to capture my kids(and family) and the best moments I have captured is when they don't even know I am doing it.

I actually put together a little list of things you can capture of your kids where you wouldn't have to get that famous "Mom are you done yet" face. I love candid pictures because that's when you really can tell a story.

Just click the pictures and save (or even better you can pin it!) I would love to hear if you use this list.

I'll be sharing next week what my pictures from this list looked like for each of my kids.

I hope you enjoyed this little list and it inspires you to stop and capture sweet little moments.. What are you looking forward to capturing this year? 

I have plenty and I'll share soon how to photograph older kids and their milestones. Like turning 18 which my oldest will in 2 weeks!

Let me know what other milestones/ stories you would love to see a list for and I'll see what I can come up with for you.

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