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Chasing My October Goals With Hard Work

It's October and I am so excited for the next 3 months. It's basically the last quater of the year. It's go hard or go home!

 I have been working on my blog and connections with my amazing readers. I am happy to report I got a bit of progress and saw where I need to work a bit harder.

Writing it down was one of the ways that I found that helped my keep in check so I am doing it again. This month I actually get to compare my results.

This is what I had written Last Month :

Instagram : Grow my connection right now I'm at 900 Goal :  September Goal 1000

Facebook Page : I'm at 550 September  Goal :  1000

Twitter : I'm at 1080 September  Goal:  1500

Pinterest : I'm at 425  September Goal : 800

Newsletter Subscriptions  : I'm at 55 September Goal 200

These were the Results :

Start of September                                                                          October 1st

Instagram : 900                                                                                  1160
Facebook : 550                                                                                   716                                     
Twitter: 1080                                                                                      1691
Pinterest:425                                                                                       466
Newsletter Subscriptions:55                                                                56

Overall yes I increased but did I hit goals my goals I set out not really. I did hit my goals for Instagram and Twitter.  I know why thought because those are my main sources of media that I am always on and promoting.
This month I know what I have to work on more and adjusted my goals from what I got from the past month.

Here is my goals for October : 

Instagram :1500
Facebook :900
Twitter: 2000
Pinterest : 500
Newsletter Subscriptions: 100

I am excited to work on these goals and can't wait to share what I have in store if I reach my goals this month. (pssst. It's a giveaway for YOU guys!)

I'm also starting to work on my annual Birthday giveaway for next month.  This month is very full for my family so many adventures that will be so fun to document.

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What do you have planned for this month? Let me know below your goals,events or anything happening this month  for you.
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