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Help Them Shine Bright

This coming Saturday is a very special day for me and for so many others around the world. To many I know October means Breast Cancer awareness and that is a cause I stand very strong for but for me October has become the month I remember my oldest baby girl who passed to SIDS in 2006 at the age of 2 1/2 months old and for all the babies who were lost due to miscarriage, born sleeping,infant death or SIDS.

On October 15th is the day for the parents who lost a baby to unite together and light a candle across states/world at 7 pm (your time) so for 24 hours there will be a light remembering our little ones.

If you want more info please stop at HERE for information and support. I actually am part of the support group and have meet some amazing and wonderful people because of the amazing site.
Just 5 months after our Anjie had passed it was passed in the House that this date would always be remembered as the day of remembrance of our little ones.

That and for so many other reasons I have to share each year. It's my way to share the hope and love that was given to me and still till this day which I am so appreciated. 

For me it is an important date not only to remember our little ones but it reminds everyone that even if that little one is not physically with us they are with us always in our heart. To remember them is to keep growing that love we have for them and that counts so much. Over the years as my tears of sorrow have not turned to tears of love and even a few smiles I can not help think of how thankful I am for the people I have meet and how my faith has been an ever growing blessing. I would love to share something I wrote only 2 months after our Anjelique had passed away.


I hold to the thought that my Lord will help me walk the path that is my new Life..

I Believe…

One’s time here is just a moment, life begins after when we are Held in the Lord’s Glory in Heaven
That is what our goal here should be….

I Believe

That what we need the Lord knows and will give it to us without us asking for it…

I Believe…

In miracles they are real….

I Believe…

Each day I will strive to make you proud and spread the love you gave and taught me even in your short time.

And I dream of the day  to be greeted by our Heavenly father with my little one by his side because

I Believe….

Till this day each word from that holds true that much more. I feel so blessed. I am so thankful. Through the pain the love has over come. For her and her siblings and Daddy is the reason I try to be better because of the promise I hold dear that one day we will be reunited.

 If you have experienced a loss I hope by me sharing this today it has helped you in some way and when we light our candles this coming Saturday we all remember that we are not alone but we are together and that from the Heaven's our little ones watch and on Saturday they will see the amazing and beautiful remembrance  all of hold for them till we meet with them again one day.

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