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Let The Count Down Begin

In just one month and 1 day I'll be 41.                          

Yup I had to pause and just think about that for a minute.  I must say it's been a roller coaster of a ride for me to say the least. I had goals and one of them I wanted to achieve was to reach my health goal.
Which I am happy to say I did reach. It was BEYOND awesome to see my hard work pay off no operations, pills, strange starving diets but hard work and correct eating did it for me.

If you followed me you know I was a fan of Weight Watchers and was basically the Number fan UNTIL they changed the plan I had followed and succeeded for a year.

It was just a few weeks into reaching my goal what I had been working so hard for and poof my sense of what I  had worked so hard was taken or so it's what I felt. I was furious. I admit it. I went into a protest you could say.

I canceled my membership (even though it was free at the time all I had to was keep basically 5 pounds from my set goal) but I was done.

So it started my own year of finding my own way to healthy living. I even found an app which had similar weight watchers but it wasn't the same but it wasn't the same.

I must say I have gained back some of the weight but it's like the freshman "10" and so now that I have a month to my birthday it's going to be my challenge for myself.

I am not doing anything really so this will be my gift to myself. I will be starting my real focus come Friday.

Strange date to start but for me it will make the month. OH and funny thing you know how they say NEVER say NEVER..well I saw a deal on groupon of all places.

2 months of Weight Watchers for the most INSANE price. I actually had to do a double check and look again. 

Can you guess what I did. Yup. I got fished in. This time I will give it a real chance. I've had a year to let go of my bitter silliness.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing if it's true if the "New" weight Watchers" helps cutting the sugar factor. I admit it I have a thing for sugar /sweets and that's my down fall (thus my picture) 

Now even of my rambling.  I've got a question for you?  Would you like to join me? I will be documenting my challenge on my Health Journey IG account which is : healthyadventureswithellie
so follow me & leave a message and I'll follow back to keep ourselves in check. 

or look for the hashtag : #CountDownTo41

I'll update each week for the next 4 weeks and share how my process goes and a favorite recipe or food I discovered.


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