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Mouth Watering Apple Baked Goodness

Did I surprise you as I'm not going to mention pumpkins this time around?  Well I thought it's only fair I give love to another food I love to cook with during the Fall.

I'm sharing a recipe that not only is super delicious but it's also healthy. It's perfect to help curve that sweet tooth. Which is why I love this.

This is a pretty easy recipe and as you know I'm all about easy and quick. You can even get your kids to help you mix the ingredients while you take care of the apples.

Below is what you will need to make the recipe.

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Baked Apple Goodness
Sweet,delicious and healthy baked apple treat
  • 4 Honeycrisp Apples
  • 4 sprays Can't believe It's Not Butter Spray
  • 1/2 cup light brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup chopped walnuts
  • 1/4 cup cranberries
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. In a large bowl mix together the cranberries,walnuts and brown sugar and blend well. Next wash your apples and slice the tops of them and scoop enough to make a pocket for the filling. Use an 8x8 pan to bake your apples. Fill pan with enough water to cover the bottom.Take apples and fill with topping (should be enough to fill each apple) Now use the spray butter and spritz once for each apple and sprinkle cinnamon on top of each apple.Place in oven and bake for 50 mins. until apples appear tender. Once done you can serve as is or if you like add a dollop of fat free whipped cream. Enjoy!
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 4 servings

If you try this recipe I'd love to hear what you think. Also I found a way to format my recipes to make it easier to share and for you to print and use. 

I have some more fun recipes coming up this week along with a fun craft you can do with your Little ones to celebrate Halloween.  Can't wait to share. As always thank you so much for stopping by.

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