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November Goals : What I have Learned The Past 2 Months

This month went by so fast and I almost couldn't keep up. It was very full but thankful for what I learned, gained and  what I am seeing coming for the future.

I worked hard on my blog goals for October and today I'm sharing how I did and what I hope to work on this coming month.

Let's look at my numbers at the start of October :

Instagram : 1160                                                                               
Facebook : 716                                                                                                                      
Twitter: 1691                                                                                   
Pinterest: 466                                                                                      
Newsletter Subscriptions:56

End of October Numbers : 

Instagram: 1212
Facebook: 776
Twitter: 2170
Pinterest: 499
Newsletter Subscriptions : 56

Now I am pulling my sleeves up and I am JUMPING... now SUPER DIVING for November goals.

I had a slight increase in my numbers but NO movement when it came to my newsletter subscriptions so I want to change that.

 I just stared a new format for my newsletter. I am hoping it will make it easier for me to implement using it and I've been working on ways to make sure I send out the newsletter at least weekly. I actually sent one out this weekend to my current subscribers with some exciting news of what will be happening soon.

If your not a subscriber I'd love if you would become one. That way you will be one of the first to also know what I will be sharing.. (hint..hint ..giveaway coming) November is also my birthday month so of course I have to share some fun.

Oh an update on my upcoming documenting workshop class. I have the platform for the classroom and if all goes as planned I will have it available for sale by the second week of November.

Subscribers will have a sneak peek and a discount code. Now it's time to make some treats for my kids for when they get home since it's Halloween.

My youngest is the most excited as this is her first official year knowing what's going on and has been practicing saying "Trick or Treat" all weekend and is SO ready for some fun!

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