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Quick & Healthy Game Day Snacking

Now that we are in full swing in the Football season it is when Hubby parks himself with snacks and let's face it that aren't too healthy. That's where I've found a way to change that with the help of GoodFoods. I made a very easy and healthy treat for Hubby and the rest of the family.

Today I'm sharing how easy it is to make Guacamole Panini Sandwiches which you can make with only 10 minutes to game time!

For us the weekend is always busy but we always make sure we squeeze some time to watch our Sunday games.  Of course we need snacks how else would we have enough energy to cheer on our teams.

All you need to do to create these yummy panini's are ciabatta bread and GoodFoods Tableside Chunky Guacamole and you could use a sandwich press or what I used is our little grill to make them.

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Game Day Guacamole Panini Sandwiches
Easy Game day treats to get your ready to cheer on your team!
Warm up your toaster/press. While you prepare your rolls. Open your GoodFoods Tableside Chunky Guacamole and enjoy one of the chips (SO good!) w/the GuacCut open the rolls in halves and spread the Guacamole inside. Take a few of the chips and crumble them over the open sandwich and close.Place on your toaster and press down for 10 mins. (or until you see the toasted marks) Remove and cut in triangles and serve and enjoy your healthy and quick treat!
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 2 sandwiches

What I loved more about  GOODFOODS Guacamole was that I was able to find a  To GO Container  that included the chips with it! So if your late and need to snack right away just open up the pack and get to snacking!

Plus did you know that it's made with all natural ingredients : Hass avocados, tomatoes, garlic, onions with fresh lime juice. I love that it has no sugar added either. 

If you want to find out where you can go pick up some up as well as some of the wonderful products they offer for your next game day hop on over to GOODFOODS and give them a try.

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