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Science Made Fun

My family and I had the opportunity to visit the New York Hall of Science. Truth be told I had no clue what to expect but I since the kids had a half day during the week I thought it would be a perfect time to go as I figured it wouldn't be too busy.

When we arrived we received a map of the place and I was actually surprised how big it was. We headed to the area where my kids were actually able to move a space rover! It was so cool. This is when we started to meet the amazing staff that works at NYSCI let me tell you I was so impressed. They knew EVERYTHING.

That is when we first meet Amelia and she was able to tell the kids so much information about the space area and my son is really into space so they were having some intense conversations which I had no clue what the were talking about HA! It was funny because we kept bumping into her and she knew SO much about the whole place and it was like we had our own tour guide!

Then we headed to the other side where there was even more amazing discoveries and more amazing workers (did I mention that was what we were so impressed with) We found out about how light travels and learned about movement and the skeleton system and LOADS of awesome information. My kids were so into it even my littest.

Then we headed downstairs for more fun and discovery.

The kids learned more about motion and how our bodies work using energy and each station was that more fun then the other. As you can see it looked like they were just playing but at the same time they were learning.  If it would have been up to my kids were would have stayed even longer then we did.

The whole place was BEYOND amazing but the place in the Science Hall the kids are talking about was "Connected Worlds" (click on the link to read all about it)

This was our experience : HERE  I was so impressed with how interactive it was. It was the highlight of our visit for sure.

Thank you NYSCI for an amazing day of adventure and learning. If you are in the New York area I say it's the place to go with your kids where not only they will have a blast but so will you. 

*Disclaimer* I received tickets for my family and myself to facilitate my review but all words and opinions were of my own.
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