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Things I've Learned About Homeschooling So Far

It's been one month since my daughter and I started having preschool at home and before I started I did lots of research and was just overwhelmed with trying to figure how I would even start teaching my little one.

I must say that the Home school community is amazing. I have been so encouraged and have been able to share the excitement with my little one.

Besides learning from this wonderful community I have also learned from one important person. Which is my daughter.

I have been so amazed by her since day one with being born at 27 weeks. They told us so much info and tell the truth I would get nervous but she would jump over any of the hurdles they said she would have.

She did receive physical therapy for almost the 1st year of her life but with each visit we were told and why are we hear again? She is meeting her goals beyond what is expected and passed all her milestones with flying colors.

That was one of the reasons I wanted to Homeschool her because she will be ready for regular preschool come next school year.

That's why I started to do research over the summer as to what I could do with her.

I'm going to share a few things I've learned in case you might be thinking of homeschooling your little one and are curious what it takes. 

 Here are some of the resources that we use daily :

ABC Mouse

Alphabet Coloring Pages

The Relaxed Homeschool

 Simply Learning


All these sites have free resources and classes for your little one and my girl loves them! (ABC Mouse has a free trail and then there is a membership) 

Here are some of the things I've learned about homeschooling :

  •  Plan ahead. The first week for some insane reason I thought I could go day by day wow was  I wrong. It wasted time and my little one would get frustrated and not want to do anything.  
  • Go at your little one's pace. This one I already saw from previous activities we do and this is a way to encourage them. There are some activities she wants to really be detail orientated others it's speed through.  The key is this is their pace so deep breathes and follow them.
  • Your fridge will get decorated with paperwork.  At least has been our case. I have told her that each day we trade what we put up and only 3 pieces. If not it would be crazy.
  • Document their milestones. For each letter we learn we do a dance for the letter. I also take a picture  of her with the letter. There is nothing so sweet then seeing that big proud smile.
  • Do only 1 hour at a time. Remember they are little so break up the learning. I like to do an hour then take a little snack break and then again 2 more times we do this. Then it ends up being nap time and we end our day with the book of the day and review what we learned. 
  • Scheduling and routine are key. It helps them be excited to learn each day. 
  • Outside learning is even more fun! Being to join lessons from what we see outside with the daily class makes them retain the classes that much more.
  • Enjoy this time together. It's not only about learning but an amazing bonding experience.

I hope this post has given you another glimpse into homeschooling and if you have any other sites that you love please do share them with me. Or if you would like more info just let me know I'd be happy to try to help you. 

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