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Trick Treats To Spook Your Kids

It's October so means I get to have some fun with my kids when it comes to treats. I love to hear their reactions and giggles as they find their afternoon snacks of spooky but yummy treats.

I wanted to share a couple that I am planning on making and maybe you can try them for your kids.... IF YOU DARE..... and not eat them all before your kids to them!


These are a few of treats that caught my attention about this I know he will love it. Thanks for sharing

5-Ingredient Halloween Oreo Truffles


Rice Krispie Treat Monsters 


Monster Eye Cookies

Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies

Bloody Halloween Cake 


 I can not wait to make these for my kids! If you make these I would love to hear what their reactions were. Today I am gonna see if I make those Monster Eye cookies and share my results on Instagram so make sure to follow me!


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