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Word{less} Wednesday : It's Been a While

This past weekend we had one very rare thing happen. Hubby had a Saturday off. It actually will be the last one he has for the next 6 months as he just received his work schedule for the next 6 months and no weekends so it meant that much more.

We decided we would head to the pumpkin patch although I was missing one of my kids as he had to work.  We also got a huge surprise as we found out 2 of my SIL's were there with their babies and husbands so we got to enjoy seeing their youngest be at the pumpkin patch for the first time too.

I love and cherished our time all together. It's going to an "interesting" 6 months as Hubby will basically become a vampire and we will still be stuck in the "normal" world but we will work it out and remember each day our blessings and be thankful.

I must be honest I have been grumpy, sad, angry and even a little bit of "it's not fair" but I also have to remember we have gone through crazier bumps and events but giving it to God and having faith it all has by his grace made us stronger.

Remember to enjoy all the moments you can I know I will. If all goes as planned we have some more fun planned this weekend and on Monday it will be a very blessed day for our family as my youngest son will have his Confirmation so my heart is already bursting because of that.

Well besides making memories one has to remember to take care of oneself so today Hubby actually has off so how romantic is it that we will be going into get our annual physicals and flu shots since it's that time of the year. Well hopefully after I'll squeeze a run to the craft store so I can share a cute little project I have planned with the girls!

Now go and enjoy your day. If your in NY REALLY enjoy it since today's the last day of Summer in the Fall kind of weather they say!

Any fun/milestones happening for you and your family soon?

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