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Fairy Tale Birthday Dreaming

With my upcoming birthday I thought why not daydream a little as that's always fun. As a SAHM while I'm busy with my day things sometimes things just seem to pop in my head. These are my top 5 that I day dream about not only for my birthday actually anytime would be just fine.

* A Whole Day at the Spa  It would start with me waking up go to the beauty salon to get my hair done, then go get my nails done w/a pedicure spa treatment and eyebrows included and end the day with a massage...

 I foresee instead me being in a mom bun, trying to enjoy my daily coffee after morning Mass cause Monday's I need Jesus just a little more let me tell you. My house is one insane place.

* A Surprise Birthday Party : To actually have a real party. .. Last time I kind of really had a celebration was my 21st birthday semi party but that's because I was in the club and people around me were dancing (ok and getting drunk) right along with me ..

This wouldn't be happening. My Birthday is a Monday people. It's my CRAZY day. Kids going back and it will be a 3 day weekend OH my gosh. I'll be drunk alright of tiredness.

 *A day sleeping in a King Size Bed in a Hotel suite : I have dreamt of this for longer then I can remember. The more babies I've had the little more I've wished for this. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my babies with all I am BUT just one morning to not be woken up and if I did to be able to go right back to sleep and just stay in bed and watch anything I want AND get food in bed.. OH that would recharge me for another 10 years....

 But again my birthday is a Monday and I'm the human alarm clock and am the one to get the kids up and ready to start the day. PLUS oh my gosh do you know the groceries I could buy with what a night at a hotel costs.. yeah I'll take the food over sleep anytime! FOODIES UNITE! 

*A Clean House for More Then One Day : To see my house spotless without it having it not be me who cleaned it. IMAGINE that. To see pretty clean bathrooms, the house smelling good and seeing a CLEAN kitchen. Just thinking about it is making me teary eyed! Ha

This weekend is 3 days so as I type this there are 3 kids running about and oldest leaving for school and the mess will grow even though I sweep, mopped, and cleaned and guess what I will be doing come Monday.. REPEAT... REPEAT.. and Repeat... 

 * Dream Camera : After all this is a fairy tale list right well this baby right HERE the Canon 5D Mark IV w/the 24-105mm lens is on my one of the first things to buy if I got won the lotto.... Guess I better start playing huh.

I already have an awesome camera but I know sooner then later it's going to give because I LOVE my little 7D and it's helped me capture some of the amazing moments over the years but I know I need an upgrade but it's not in our budget and wouldn't be for a LONG time so I would love a new lens as I only now have a proper working  50mm 1.4 and for things I've been wanting to do I need another lens but again not in the budget so gift certificates to Lens Pro To Go as it's my favorite place to rent lens to play with would be awesome. I'd love to rent a zoom lens for this Monday actually. Did you guys hear about that INSANE Super Moon that is coming. It hasn't been this visible or large since 1948. It's a photographer's dream!

Tweet: #Birthday Dreaming #SAHM style :http://ctt.ec/eg_6b #momlife #Friday Well that's enough of my daydreaming. Time to get my mom bun on because 3 of my  4 kids are home and I need check what it is we are doing for the day. What is it that you daydream about?  I'd love to hear it!
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