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Innovation in Athletic Protection

My 9 year old had told me of an interest in playing soccer a while back and we finally decided to sign her up for some Winter soccer where they will be playing in an inside turf.

This will be the first time she will be playing as she always had played baseball like her brothers but a couple of her friends got her excited and convinced her to give it a try and we love to encourage our kids to keep active as long as they are safe while doing so. 

Although I know my girl is going to have a blast and make some amazing memories,there are also concerns I had when it came for her to play manly the head injuries I've heard that could possibly happen when playing soccer.

We knew how to keep her as protected as possible while playing baseball but now we were entering a new zone. That's when Storelli head guard stepped in.

I found informative news about Soccer injuries from the Storelli Head Injury Report like "Youth soccer players have a higher risk of concussive injuries because their brains are still developing. Soccer goalkeepers have a 50% higher risk of concussion than field players." there is much more information that was provided on the site which is worth checking out.

 That's when I really got interesting in learning more about Storelli head gear and how it could protect my daughter. She loved that it looked like a headband and it was really comfortable and secure (you measure to ensure it is the correct fit). We decided to do a little practicing in our backyard to warm up and test how she felt with it on.

She told me she felt like she could play around with it and didn't restrict her in anyway while jumping and moving around. It made me feel confidante that she would be safe especially after watching THIS video which made want to watch it at it over and over again! Now that's what I call strong protection.
Do you have any soccer players in your family? I say it's worth the time to check out the information on Storelli has to offer in protection. I must say I was impressed.

Would you like to win a Storelli head guard?  Learn more about their  ExoShield Head Guard giveaway by posting and tagging @storellisports on twitter along with using the hashtag #protect25 to enter.

For myself seeing my girl wearing the Storelli head guard will give me peace of mind while I'm cheering her and her team that's for sure.

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