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Memories in the Simplest of Things

Which memories do you cherish the most from your childhood. I must say for me it was walking home from school during the Fall where I was able to step and crunch the fallen leaves.

No matter what else was going on being able to escape while taking that walk crunching the leaves and listening to the sounds and the chilly breeze on my face always made everything better.

Now it's become a little tradition for my kids to get to crunch the leaves. To create their own  memories that they will remember from having this simple fun.  I love being able to relive those happy laughs and giggles as they get to hear the noises and feel the cool breeze on their faces.

The simplest things do indeed bring the sweetest of memories. How I cherish these days and moments. To be able to see them feel the excitement for the first time as I see it is beyond an amazing gift to me.

The faces of delight and enjoyment bring me back to my memories of escape which remind me the sweet things of life. I hope my children will carry these special and simple little treasures with them always.

May they remember the simplest of things hold the best of memories.

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