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Time to Go Out Strong : December Goals

This is IT. We are about to enter the last month of the year. This is the month that bloggers either take a break or get broken going too hard.

I don't want to go for broken but I don't want to take the break so I guess I'll be working hard but not to drive myself crazy. With that being being said how about I share how I did for the month of November.

I must say November was very kind to me.I saw more in depth my strengths and weakness.  My strengths are I can actually blog on a schedule AHEAD of time as long as I put the time into it. Weakness for me is letting the evil compare monster sneak in at times.

 Just as I have been setting time for my prayers I've actually had to set a time for writing out ideas an finishing and scheduling them.

Now to share what my month looked like :

Start of November 

Facebook : 776
Twitter: 2170
Pinterest: 499
Newsletter Subscription: 56

End of November

Facebook: 796
Twitter: 2388
Instagram: 1238
Newsletter Subscription: 56

My numbers this month were still up BUT once again I didn't move up as I would have hoped. Let's talk truths now. Can I be honest. (Yup my newsletter needs help y'all)

This month although I'm so thankful for the opportunities I received. (I'll share that in a bit) I can't help to have in the back of my mind those other blogger posts I've read that seem to say  "I've gone from 0 to 100 real quick" (OK maybe that's Drake but still) and here I am working my tail off (or hardest I've ever tried) but my progress isn't insanely ginormous as I've heard and truth be told I have sat and grabbed a bag of chocolate and have done the whole "Why me?" skit. 

Then I remember NO, NO and NO .. hard work pays off in my own life time I've seen it happen time again.

Success very rarely does come overnight  everything takes time no matter HOW BAD WE WANT IT because if that was the case man I would have my own show right now called Adventures with Ellie let me tell you. 

So what I have learned about me is I am all about the slow and steady. I am the living version of the Tortoise and the Haire in one person. (does that make sense?)

I have had to learn I am NOT everyone. I have to focus as to what I can do. That's why I have loved sharing my process the past 3 months as it's something I have never really done on a consent schedule.

These past 3 months have been the ONLY time since I've had this blog that I have posted 3 or more times a week. I have to take that into account.

Those little victories I am taking with me into the last month of December. Speaking of little victories. Have you noticed this past month I've been blessed to have a couple of campaigns that I've enjoyed so much and have been having a blast doing it.

If you look at my badges on my side bar you can see I am a Linqia Influencer which has been amazing.

What do you need in order to become one as well? These are the requirements.

  • Your primary channel is a blog, forum, Facebook, or Youtube.
  • You have 2,500+ visitors or followers on Facebook or Twitter.
  • You demonstrate healthy engagement from members.
  • Are you focused on "Parenting" or "Home & Garden".
  • Your  audience is primarily based in North America. 
If you answered yes then Just Go HERE  and fill out the application and it will take a few days to hear back from them.  If you are accepted you wait to get paired up with companies and it's up to you if you accept them or not. 

Well that's my report for the month. I'm excited for December. Here is to a productive and wonderful Holiday season! OH and December Daily Starts tomorrow too! EEKK

Be sure to come back Friday I'm sharing a new cookie recipe perfect to give along with the gifts to your kids teachers for the Holidays. 

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