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What a Difference A Lite Can Make (Plus A Giveaway)

 If you have stopped by my blog before you know that I basically am all about having time at my table where I am either doing crafts, writing my stories or editing pictures. This is why it's so important for me to have the proper lighting for what I do.

This is where OttLite comes in. As of last year when I went to the eye doctor and found out my vision was way worse then expected and my current contacts actually are bifocal (yup that bad!) what I use for lighting for my eyes is so important. This is why I was so excited to learn how the light from an Ottlite is like natural daylight indoors.  Which is perfect for my eye sight.

I also have learned 6 tips that can help keep your eyes healthy from this article which made really good sense. I've actually added the extra vitamins as my eye doctor also had recommended it to me.

Now let me talk a little on how my  LED Desk Space Organizer Lamp has become one of my most favorite things.

  My kids might have giggled at my delight as I took it out the box and grabbed a handful of my favorite pens and tools and just put them in the holder.

THIS is epic people. I am always writing or cutting and always seem to lose my things on my table as I'm working and I don't know about you but when I'm in zone of creating it's so annoying to have to stop and try to adjust yourself to get better light. With the Ottlite I just tap it and I have 4 levels of the brightness I can have. YES so cool!  Plus I love that I am able to move around the neck to position where the light is directed to!

I know you must be thinking hmm I think I might have go buy me one of these. Well your in luck! How does a Giveaway sound? All you have to do is Enter HERE and you will be able to win not only an Ottlite for yourself but for a Friend too! 

What if your like me and got too excited and decided you know what I can't wait to see who wins I want to buy it now. I got something for you too.

Save 25% on your very own OttLite by using code BLOGGER25 on Ottlite (valid November 7 thru December 31, 2016 on in-stock lamps).

I would love to hear what your thoughts are after checking out the Ottlite site and which one are you interested in winning?

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