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Word{less} Wednesday : Truths of Motherhood

Love my children dearly but there are times I wish I had an underground bunker to escape for an hr or two to just put the music and dance and watch mindless videos and eat junk food......

Who am I kidding... 1/2 in I'd be texting my hubby checking on them.

Motherhood has taught me that just when you think you have given all  you can  just catching a glimpse of your child  will make you go another 26 more mile on bloody knees with a smile because of that love you carry from each that calls you mom giving you strength you never knew you had.

Today I salute all you mothers who work hard be it at home or out in the workforce YOU are amazing and stronger then you know. KEEP going. All your hard work is NOT in vain. Look at your children and know they know how much they are loved and they love you... even those teens who are making your hair a little more grey (ask me how I know) 

I am so thankful...just 5 more minutes here and  then I'll go back to work, hey someone has to make this Halloween candy disappear.

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