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Adventures in Ugly Sweater Cookie Decorting

Since December is in full swing before it entered I had made a list of thing we could do (Look out next week as I'll be sharing so you can enjoy it too with your kids!) I picked up the Ugly Sweater cookie decorating  kit from Trader Joe's which I knew would be fun for my kids.

Let's just say them and building ginger bread houses can get interesting so to  keep the peace I though this was genius and help keep my sanity.

 What was even better was the whole kit (which had TONS) was only $5.99. I may or may not have done a tiny happy dance when I saw that. I also saw other things the kids will love but not posting yet so I can surprise them but I'll be sure to share here once we do them.

 As you can see they had way too much fun tasting then with the building  but that's OK because they told me that next year they would want to do this again! Next year  I'll go brave and get a box for each of them so they can REALLY get down.

After they were done they enjoyed their creations watching Charlie Brown Christmas. I say that was an awesome way to kick of December.

Now to print my pictures and add them to our December Daily album. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Did you do anything fun to kick off December?
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