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Blessings, Love and Happy 2017

Just wanted to quickly drop by and give a BIG thank you to all who have supported my little blog throughout this year.

It's been a year of learning and bit of hiccups with real life but lessons that I have appreciated regardless if they were good or bad because all taught me something.

This coming year I am excited to put into place from the start what I learned this past year and have more growth and would love to have you come along the ride once again.

Well, I'm off as I'm baking some treats for the kids as well as cooking our last meal of 2016!

Make sure to come back on Monday as the coming week is FULL of fun if I do say so myself. ( My Gabi is turning 10 years old!)

Almost forgot to share I chose My One Little Word for 2017 it's FREEDOM I'll be sure to discuss that more in the coming week as to why I picked it.

Alright, I better go before the treats burn in the oven!  If you have your word for 2017 I'd love to know what it is and why you picked it.

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