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Friday Favorites: Last Minute Shopping For The Family

Since the weekend is upon us with Christmas being next weekend this is basically the last chance to get that online shopping done so I thought I'd share with you some ideas for you to be able to grab from Amazon especially if you have Prime membership you're able to get it in two days and if you don't have prime member one there are still opinions to be able to get it in time to wrap and put it under the tree.

Comfortable Pajamas For Mom

These look so comfortable and for less than $30 I said it is a must to grab. I know I would love to see these under the tree.

 Necessity for older Teen

I know this is one thing my oldest is looking for whenever he's heading out or at home. These are a trusted brands that I know will last and give the best experience when using plus you'll get extra points as a cool parent for getting these.

Can't Forget Your Other Teen Son

This was actually on the list for my son because it's a wireless controller and since he has siblings that always around him when he's playing let's just saying having a cord in the way while playing can get interesting when you have little girls running about.
 This way he can keep playing as they run in front across while he plays. If your kids have an XBox they will thank you for it.

For The Hubby That's on The Go

I know that with Hubby out and about for work and errands when there is something that needs to be done with the car THIS would be perfect to have as it has jumper cables, gloves, emergency poncho, light sticks and so much more it has 65 pieces that can all be all accessible easily.

When Your Toddler Wants a Puppy

As I was writing this post what commercial happens to pop up on the television but the one that is on the number one list on my youngest Christmas list.
I must admit this little doggie is cute plus it will resolve the issue of her wanting a real puppy as we can't have one because our landlord doesn't allow it and no cleaning up after another person under our roof!

For your Little Mermaid

This is another big one on lists of wants in my house for my other little girl. Of what I heard when I have gone to her school from her other little tween friends. Seems these mermaid tale blankets are the rage right now. I can't think of a cuter way to keep warm.
I hope these few ideas have been helpful in your last minute shopping. I'm off to see what I can get done. I need to get some wrapping down as I haven't done any as of yet.

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