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Never Underestimate Tu Fuerza (Your Strength)

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Pretty sure I got my strength and willpower from my mama and add to that being Latina there isn't much that we wouldn't do until achieving what we set our minds to. Words I've even heard my husband say about me. Glad he knows the facts, but all jokes aside it is really true.

Once I have something in mind to achieve there is no stopping me. I just need to focus and get to it. That is where my challenge of finally losing the baby weight came in. Well, it's accumulative baby weight in my case. Having my children has been the most beautiful blessing and is where I had put my focus as I make sure they have all they need from me as well as being the CEO of the household while Hubby works out of the home meant I put myself on the back burner for the meanwhile.

There have been times where I have gone to bed exhausted and body aching from a day of running around taking the kids to where they need to be then having to return home to do what is needed before bedtime as well. Thank goodness I have had my Advil by my beside to ease the pains of running around and carrying the youngest about and knowing that Advil® is the #1 selling pain reliever. *Among OTC brands. (*Use as directed.) Gives me the relief I need so I can do it all over again the next day.

Raised by a strong single Latina mother she taught me no matter what needed to get done it would get accomplished. She is who always motivated me to be who I am. Work hard, accomplish your goals and rest later.

As I was reaching 40  I knew that the extra weight I had been carrying with me for a way too long was holding me down and needed to go. Although before hand I had tried to lose it I didn't put my effort I knew I could. I decided then it was time to go full force and made my plan.

I managed to lose 50 pounds (took 6 months) which have made such a difference in my life. The way I feel and carry myself and my energy.  I have seen myself being able to get even more accomplished. Now truth be told celebration and life from all the amazing past year got the best of me and now( a year later) I am working on getting rid of the Freshman 15 that my oldest son who is the college freshman didn't gain.

You bet it's time to put back into motion what I did in order to get back into the shape I was. That is my goal for the start of the new year.  I'd love to share what was it that worked while being a busy stay at home mother and will help me achieve my goal once more.

 Chicas Let's Do This:

  • When to Workout : I have learned that working out at home when my youngest is napping is the best for me.( it actually a good way to keep my time in check)  I also know that I have to treat my workouts serious and I even have a bag packed with my essentials there are NO excuses. Set a timer to be early in the AM or Night or as I do during nap time let's do this.  (I actually will be switching to early AM's as nap time is being a thing of the past with my bebe.) This is when you have to write down your schedule and decide what is best for you. Make sure whatever you write down you stick to that is the key. Even if it doesn't happen at that time make sure you still complete your workout that day.
  • Move it Chica : Yup move. Walk around the house a little faster. Dance an extra batacha, Salsa anything to get your heart beat rate faster.  Every hour or so get up and move about do a little dance if you like for at least 10 minutes.
  • Your Defense: This is one part that I always have prepared. Making sure you have a bag w/your necessities will stop you from making excuses when your looking for something to workout and can't seem to find it. You know where it is and are ready.
This is what my bag looks like: It always sits on the side table where I can use it whenever I am going to work out:

My Have To's:  
  • Towel: A fresh and clean one to dry up after a good workout. Nothing feels more awesome than seeing your result of hard work being put in. 
  •  Wet Wipes:  Being a mom I always have these in hand. Just because if I want to refresh myself before being able to take a shower these really do help.
  • Water: I can not tell you how important it is to keep hydrated. Did you know that at times you might think you are hungry you really are thirsty? Make sure throughout the day you are drinking your water.
  • Phone:  I use it for musica along w/ my headphones. It helps my workouts go quicker plus when you have a really good playlist it can motivate you to work a little harder.  
  • Advil which is perfect to help ease the aches that I might get after a workout especially the first weeks when I start up again. I love that I can run to Walmart and know I can go straight to the pharmacy area and pick up it up either the 130 count bottle or 24 count that's so convenient to keep in my car for those mild headaches while running around do a little shopping or running errands.

Get that Workout IN:
  • Make sure you have your Workout bag prepared.
  • Keep hydrated while working out.
  • Keep your Advil near in case of a body ache after working out so you can keep your active lifestyle without having to slow completely down.
  • Enjoy the process and celebrate even the small of accomplishments because those put together will bring you to your goal.

Life can be super busy especially being a mama of 4 but I know being able to count on Advil for the minor aches I might feel after an intense workout or headaches from trying to figure out how to change schedules at least minute makes me that much secure of being able to reach my goals I've set as well as keep doing what I did to for my family.  There is never a dull moment that's for sure and that's what makes me love my life even more.

  I make sure to include a good cool down after workouts as it helps give me a chance to take a breather before getting up and getting back into the fast pace of life.

If one of your goals this coming year is to get healthier I'd love to hear what you will be doing. Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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