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Pinterest Is It Worth The Hype?

 I have been putting in place plans to achieve goals for the upcoming year. Can you believe it's less than a month away until that's the case?

One place I wanted to grow was my Pinterest because truth I have heard that "Pinterest" is where I need to go to grow my blog.

I decided to give Viraltag as they offer a 14-day trial and of course I thought what could actually happen in 14 days?

I started at 510 at I'm at 525. Truth be told I didn't schedule too many pins as I wasn't expecting anything to happen, but now that I see that with only a minimal amount in a few days I got that growth. 

One of the features I like is that I am able to use the same image but share it via my different accounts as such :

It's really easy to upload and schedule multiple posts at once - plan for an entire week or even an entire month in just a few minutes which I plan on doing later this week.

 Viraltag also connects directly to your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts to pull content in bulk which is something I need for myself  as I keep all my extra pictures for different posts in these accounts.

 When you sign up you will get tutorial emails with which is are very helpful because I'm more of a visual learner so sitting and reading what I need to do isn't always the best for me.

They also have plenty of customer service which I also like because I have to pay for something I want to make sure I am able to contact whomever it is I  have to be able to help me when  I have an issue.

After the trail is over it will be $24 a month.  There isn't a penalty if you decide to cancel which is another feature I like because that has been a reason for me not to try out other programs I've seen. Being able to given the opportunity to test what it can do you is important especially since there are so many different programs that offer service that would do the same but you aren't able to see what it does before paying.

One of my goals this coming year is to be able to share what I bring to you guys and being able to spread the word as to what I'm sharing has always been a issue and I believe using Virtaltag will be the help I need.

Since it's only been just about 2 weeks that I started to use it I'll be sure to share my update as to what I have thought once I've had a month in using Virtaltag

Have you tried Viraltag before? What about goals for the upcoming year have you set any as of yet?

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