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The Unconventional Guide to Holiday Popcorn

As the days are getting busier by the minute and it seems that our To Do List are getting longer then when you first started to work on getting everything done or is that just me?

In order to slow things down there is nothing like making a quick and easy treat that you and your family can enjoy.  This is one that I've found so much fun to do with the kids because it's so easy.

You can add as many topping as you want and it's still going to be yummy.

Since it's Christmas time I try to make them with Christmas colored candies.

Here is one is one that my family loves : 

You Will Need :
  • 5 cups of popped popcorn
  • 2 cups of broken mini pretzels 
  • 1 bag of Red and Green M&Ms 
  • 2 Cookies and Cream Hershey Bars 

Place your popcorn in a big bowl and have your kids help you put the M&M's and broken pretzels in as well.
While they are doing that take the chocolate bars and break them up and place in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 1 minute and mix and place for another 30 seconds and take out and pour over popcorn and mix. (making sure the chocolate melted down)

I let it cool down for a few minutes and then my kids gobble it all up.

Other sweet mixes we have tried are:

Gummy Bears

There are so many other mixes that you can try. Just get your kids to pick out some sweets and see what they come up with.

Do you have a special mix you like to make especially during the Holidays.

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