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Thoughtful Thursday : If Your Not Done Holiday Shopping Yet

If your not done guess what you are not alone. Want to hear a confession. I only have 2 gifts. Which are for 2 of my 4 kids. Meaning I have 98% of my shopping to do. I am well aware that Christmas is next weekend.

A bit of panic is setting in. Although I have my list and know where and what I have to do. Being a blogger at times can be tricky when it comes to "payday" they are very far apart ( more than 30 days at times) If I calculated correctly my Christmas shopping can't happen until next week.

YES, I am serious. AHHH have to love the pressure and take deep breaths and just do what I can do which is laugh at this curve ball ...

What about you? Are you done shopping? I'm looking forward to seeing the upcoming Christmas concerts at my children's school and going to Mass on Christmas day which is so beautiful.

Truth be told presents are nice but as I get older I think who's idea was it anyway to have put this pressure of gifts anyway? 

Tell the truth 3/4 of what you receive will not be remembered a month after it right? At least I know that's how I've seen it happen in my family. Aren't we suppose to be focusing on something else anyway. 

That's why I have been much more invested in sharing what these days are leading to with my children in other ways then focusing that there will be gifts as it's more to it than just that.

For that I am thankful. Here is to feeling the love of what this season really means.

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