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Word{less} Wednesday : Cherished

There are moments that seem to take my breath away and for me, it's watching the bond my girls have with each other.

I love how their love is pure and sweet and although they are 9 (for a few more days) and 3 years old they get along so well. My boys who are 13 & 18 weren't close really when they were smaller it's just starting which I love as well, but there is something about seeing my girls just gets to me.

So what is one to do while waiting for your hair treatment to be done? Play Shopkins trouble with your sister and new dollies of course. 

I feel so blessed and love I have a window to peek into a bond that grows stronger every day. ]

Are you kids off this week? My kids don't go back until next week( well 2 of them)  so we are taking it all in and having as many lazy days as possible.

Once the year starts it's going to be super busy again so these days I will really enjoy. 
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