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Accountablity is Key : Goals for 2017

I wanted to post this earlier but it seems the way 2017 has decided to start in my house was with a germ party and so 3 of my 4 kids have been sick. Happy to report  they are now on the mends and back their busy little selfs.

This helps me be  to be able to share (and post to keep myself accountable) my goals for this month  and new year as well.

I broke down what goals for different sections of my daily life I want to work on.

Starting Stats January 2017:

Facebook Page: 793
Instagram: 1348
Pinterest: 547
Newsletter: 54
I want to see these numbers grow each month. I will on one thing each month to grow.
Instead of all together as I see that really didn't work for me and I would lose focus last year.

Blog Actions I want to Complete

Offer Mini Class

Videos. At least share one a week.

Blogging 3x a week.

Monthly reflections.

Media Kit

Freebie for my Newsletter Subcribers

Personal  Health goals for Myself

  •  Run 3x a Week.
  •  Hit 10,000 steps daily ( if you have a fitbit let me know!)
  •  Lose those forever stuck 10 pounds (GRRRR) 
  •  Workout 4-5 a week
Personal Faith Goals 
  • Journal Daily
  • Prayer Studies
  • Read Saint Stories
  • Bible Journaling
  • Deeper Prayertime

Documenting Goals
  • Share Project Life every 2 weeks
  • Photograph more w/my DSLR again
  • Scrapbook 1 page a week

Now that I've put my goals down on "paper" it feels really good. I will actually print this out so I can have it where I can see it.

Do you have your goals for the year set? What is one thing you want to imporove on? I'd love if you would share with me. 

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