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Getting Healthy after 35 Can Get Interesting Ask Me How I Know

I knew after seeing how my kids were growing up and I seemed to be getting way too tired too easy and  I saw I  wasn't the best me I could offer to them.
I had worried about them and put me to the side pretty much that's when things started to chance and getting healthier for them and myself begin.

Little did I know it wasn't going to be as easy as I thought it would be as it had been years prior. That is the point of this post.
For those of you who are in their 30's (or older since I'm 41)  it's not going easy but is it worth it? More than you will ever imagine.

There is nothing like seeing your body change and be the strongest it ever was. It can be empowering. I think doing it now makes me appreciate it way more.

Here are some things I've learned along my journey that might help you as well.

1- Do NOT starve yourself. 

You actually need to eat more BUT eat correctly. You would be surprised if you read what you ate so make a journal and write down what you are eating every day.

For a week even before you do anything track your patterns making sure you are writing down EVERYTHING you are eating even that one little piece of gum (sugar) make sure to include it. 

Now the trick is to change it and eat better. More greens and more natural the less processed the better. Do it slowly because just changing all at once will make you nuts (or at least it did me)  One of my downfalls was soda. I thought drinking diet soda I would be ok.

WRONG it's even worse so I've changed it to seltzer and so far I'm 3 weeks in w/no soda. Also, make sure you are drinking your water it is so important. If you say I don't like water read THIS post where I shared how to get more water. 

2- Workout Break it Down if you Have To:

This is one that can get difficult because everyone is so busy and let's face it sometimes it can be hard to work out. What I find that works is give it 10 mins. YUP, but go HARD those 10 mins. I use the app Virtual Trainer I love it because you can set the timer and it gives you the workout that you are supposed to do. Then do it 2 more times and now you have worked out 30 mins. BOOM. Yes, every bit counts. I have been doing my runs the same way.


3- Don't Be Hard On Yourself

This is when being over 35 can affect you. Sure you will lose some weight but I doubt it will be as fast as you thought that's what I have learned. Take it one day at a time. Be gentle to yourself and pace yourself.  It will not happen overnight but your work will be rewarded. You will become stronger and healthier and it is so rewarding that you are giving your healthiest and best of you to your family and it is so worth it.

Now I want you to say after me: I CAN DO THIS. I WILL DO THIS. If I get off the path I WILL get right back on because I deserve this, I am strong and will be the strongest I've ever been.

Who's with me? 
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