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Link Up January 17 on 17

I am so excited about this post for so many reasons, one being that even though I was actually sick this week I still wanted to make sure I did my documenting. Life isn't all about roses it's about ups and downs. Let's just stay this was a zigzag kind of week.

I decided to set my DSLR to Monochrome (B/W mode) and used my 50mm 1.4 lens to capture my 17 images. (on manual mode)

I think I might do the same again for next month because taking my pictures in black in white added to the story I wanted to share.

I hope you will join me. You can it this weekend and just come back.  I'd love if you share this project as well and join me next month if you don't feel as if you want to jump in this month.

This is another awesome way to share your story.  I want to make a book at the end of the year using what I captured each month.

Remember to have fun and a why behind what you are capturing. Don't just snap. Stop and think of the why.

With that here is what my 17 on 17 for January looked like.

Our meds for the week. Thank goodness I caught the start of the flu my oldest little girl as well so we just had to ride the wave. My youngest son wasn't so lucky, so he got other meds besides his cough meds.

My youngest brought me her favorite toys to make me feel better.

Oldest getting ready for work. Almost time for his 2nd semester of his 1st college year to start. Can't believe how fast time is flying.

I did have more images (total of 17)  but just shared these for now. I am so happy I am doing this project because it is helping me remember how much I love being able to capture stories via photography.

Telling the tales of the week even when it wasn't the best one since we got taken over by the Flu. I am happy to report that my kids FINALLY returned to school and I am feeling better as well and hope to be back to regular routine the coming week.

I'd love if you would share what you captured. Below is a linky for you to share what you captured. You don't have to share all your images just post a few of your favorite.

Next month I'm going to have a small giveaway to give to one of the participants who plays along. Consider this month a warm up. I can't wait to see your stories!

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