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The Start of 17 on 17 Photography Journey

I had done this challenge a couple of years ago and this year I thought I'd give it another try. This year I would love if you would join me. It's a way to share a little bit of what you see via your lens.

Here is the catch NO phones. Nope can't use it. So grab a disposable camera if you like (I'm gonna try that next month) or a point and shoot, even a little polaroid camera or as I will be mostly using a DSLR.

Also, DO NOT DELETE what you capture and you only have 17 shots to capture. If you grab a disposable camera capture your 17 then you could give it to your kids to see what they capture an extra bonus if you ask me.

On the 18th I'll share a linky share so you could post your pictures and of course, I'll have mine to here as well.

I am so excited to share and see what you capture. I'd love who will join me? 
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