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Thoughtful Thursday: Living The Life

There are some things that I have learned from experience like this right here:

I do believe that is why I love iced coffee.. Sure my ice melts but it's cold just as it started.

This made me giggle. Imagine that. Hey at least someone came up with a "value" on what I and so many other amazing mamas do at home.

I'd take a thank you Mom and a hug as payment.

Sure it is hard work and especially when you are trying to squeeze in something for yourself as I am when it comes to blogging but it is all so worth it. As I watch my children they are growing faster then I can blink it seems.

This week I have been working on preparing for next year. Where lots of changes are happening for my Littles well not so little anymore.

Filling out more paperwork for my oldest who will be a Sophomore (w/God's grace & hard work) which blows my mind away!

There is so much happening and I can only do my best to hold on and absorb all I can.

Let my porridge be cold a little bit longer and let my imagination pay raise in it's value because what I really gain is worth so much more.

I am blessed to be able to stay at home and soon it will be time for me to fly the coop too and find adventures out while my kids are not home. How exciting and scary at the same time but looking forward to it here are to new chapters in this amazing and wonderful world of parenthood.

What about you where are you in your stage of parenthood?

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