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Week One Down 51 more To Go

Just like that a week in 2017 is done. Did you get a chance to document it? What stood out from this first week of the year. For me year for the past 10 have started by celebrating my daughter's birthday. Which we did along with sick kids and a  movie day w/my Hubby.

For me being able to document stories even as small as it might be. Such as snapping a picture of my littlest running after counting from a game of hide and go seek or a meal we had during the week all add up to what we are as a family.

That is the reason why this will be my 7th year doing project life. It doesn't matter if I get behind because I've figured a system that has worked for me and I'd love to share that with you.

I will finally be releasing a class to show you step by step how I have been able to keep up my documenting year after year.

For today I want to share with you my first week of 2017 and how I documented it.

My cover page

Years past I had done a whole spread with cut outs and pictures of the whole family. For the past 2 years I simplified that because usually the first of the year falls in the middle and so I need a few extra spots to include those days into our album.

This year it happened that the first fell on a Sunday so I just had to add one extra day into our first week and it more or less is even and let's me go back to my regular planning.

Collect App 

As per usual is my app of choice to collect my pictures I had taken with my phone. Being able to capture a picture to put into the album while I get the ones printed from my DSLR helps not only to fill a date but to remind me what I want to include when I do get the pictures. Let's face it who doesn't have some packages of pictures they printed and wonder now what was I going to do w/these pictures?

Make sure you check This post to see the rest of my supplies I am using this year.

Here is a little preview of what my first week looked like :

I can't wait to share the adventures that will come of documenting this year.  I'll be sharing next week how to document a special event. Which is something that I've always been asked how do I keep it all but not have a bulk of pages.

If you have something you would like to know about project life please feel free to leave me message and I'll address it in an upcoming post.

Till then keep snapping those pictures and documenting!
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