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Accountablity -Do You Remember You?

YES... It's a new month, a fresh new start. I like February because it makes you get to the point being it's a short month and it's either you do it or not.

I decided to challenge myself and share 28 things I want to complete/do this month because truth be told I've been putting myself on the backburner and it's making me fade in the background and
that's not good for anyone especially myself.  One must remember

I'll take this month to recharge and remember what I tell my kids. You have to make sure you give yourself attention being making sure you besides the care given YOU must remember to care for your own self. Both inside and out.

Be it with prayers, time focusing, learning something new, accomplishing a goal or just doing something for the pure joy of it.

Perhaps it will inspire you to make your own list? Here is what I want to make to try and cross off my list.

  1. Bible Journal 2x a week (or more) 
  2. workout 4x a week
  3. More W A T E R (I usually will drink one 25 oz bottle I want to do 2)
  4. Do my nails with my daughters
  5. Buy me something nice to wear
  6. Go on an adventure to the City
  7. Remember to laugh
  8. Save X amount (personal amount)
  9. Lose 2 pounds
  10. Dance more
  11. Buy flowers for the house
  12. Go have lunch with the Littles at school
  13. Take Amtrack Train w/Kids somewhere
  14. Get a makeover
  15. Complete 10k couch
  16. Personal journal each day
  17. Attend Adoration
  18. Read More
  19. Complete workshop
  20. Bake more
  21. Try new recipes
  22. Scrapbook once a week
  23. Write letters to the kids once a week (save)
  24. Get more Sun
  25. Be more gentle with myself
  26. Have a Me Day
  27. Save for a new work table
  28. Treat the family to Dinner

Now that I have shared my list I challenge to make your own for the next 28 days. It doesn't have to be in order just write it out and with each one you cross off smile big. I'll be doing the same. NOW let's do this!
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