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But I don't Want to Give Up My Chocolate Chip Cookies

Growing up I remember how when Lent was about to start my mom would impose what it was that my brother and I were suppose to give up and if we broke it then we would get the "HOW DARE YOU FACE" I would always think but why do we even have to give up anything and what is this really going to get me?

I'm pretty sure that my oldest is thinking this too so in a way I write this post for him and for all who wonder what is the deal and WHY do we have to give up anything anyway?

Being honest I never really got this giving up thing until way older in life I did it because my mom made me and that's what I was taught in church and my faith but it wasn't until very late that I understood what it really meant.  which is : All of these are intended to turn our hearts back to God, to purify us, and prepare us for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection at Easter.

PLUS today I am gonna tell you something that might even blow your mind...YOU don't have to "give up" anything how about GIVING IN...Mind blow or are you still confused? Well let me help you.

Last year I did this for my kids because I wanted to see if Lent would change for them. I told them we would DO more. At our parish they have a tree every year that the kids can go up to and pick something off it and it will have something for them to do.

For my kids it was to bring canned goods to the homeless shelter and clothing for newborn babies. We kept going in doing additional things and this year we will have our own tree and will use Kathryn from Team Whitakers idea for Lent which I love.

The kids (and myself) read some books  on saints but this year I will be have them watch some movies from Formed.org which are geared towards kids which I hope they will enjoy.

A prayer journal is something else I will be giving them. (Just extra Traveler's Journal I have) where they can write each night about what they did for Lent that day.  Last year I had them do it and they really enjoyed it and they were the ones who actually asked for this year.

Visiting other parishes is also another favorite for Lent. It's fun to go see other parishes and how each one is beautiful and have time to pray in the peaceful quiet.  (for the most part Catholic Churches are always open so you can go inside) Last Summer we actually visited and prayed at a few. Lets see if we can do the same for Lent this year.

I hope that perhaps this post might have given you ideas to do for Lent this year that will not include giving up your sweets but ponder more deeply why it is we have Lent.

 I would love to hear what you will be doing. I will be sharing a few recipes next week that you could use might be able to enjoy with your family during this time.  I'd love to hear of any that your family loves just leave me a post below.

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