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Kid Valentine Party on a Budget

February being the month of love I of course want to do something for my kids but right now budgets are restricted but that doesn't mean I can't make a fun day.

I broke down my budget and saw I had an extra $25 to do something. Of course, my bargain hunting skilled kicked in and I made a list of what I would want to get. Wasn't looking so good so I had to put on my crafty thinking cap and then I got it.

I knew heading to Dollar Tree would be the answer to being able to what I needed and keep me under budget.  I was able to grab a table cover, paper crepe paper streamers, plates, straws, cake mix, frosting, cups and I even got my 2 little girls two little stuffed animals and the Valentine cards for my older little girl's class and stayed under budget!

I wanted to create some decorations so I used the crepe paper I purchased plus some extra pink left over from my oldest little girl's birthday to make paper crepe flowers. It's super easy to make. I believe the pictures below give you, for the most part, the idea how to make it them. (if you guys would like a tutorial just leave me a message and I'll make a little video tutorial)

I also baked the cake and used food coloring to change the icing to pink. I always love to have food coloring at hand that way whenever there is a holiday I could change the color of certain foods to help us celebrate. I'll be making green eggs and ham for Dr.Seuss' birthday which is coming up soon.

Being able to put together this simple, quick and budget-friendly mini celebration for my kids is a way to let them know how much I love them. I truly believe it's important to do little things for your kids especially with all the running about and how busy life can get. Being able to do even the smallest of things can have a big impact and make the best memories.

I hope this inspired you if you hadn't though of doing any little extra for your kids/family, Now you can surprise them and not even break your budget.  I would love to hear if you decided to surprise them.  I'd also love to hear any traditions you might have that you like to do.

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