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Not Quite The Whole 30

Let's be frank shall we. Getting healthy after 35 is HARD.  As I type this post I can tell you I am sore from the workout I completed. Yes it's a good thing but man why does it have to feel so hard.

Why is it that we want instant fitness. I know what it takes I've hit goal and been stronger then I though I could be. Yet life and other things got in the way and here I am feeling like BOO ME.

Today I am changing that. I am challenging myself 30 day challenge. I will do what I know is what I know I need to do.

First things first which for me is food. It's been a comfort, a friend and just there for something to do. I know that is my downfall. Let's face it who wants to eat like a rabbit and just chomp on veggies all day.

I know I need to shake it off and remember of all that I have learned from my journey. It really tries you ARE what you eat. So no matter how much I love my M and M's, Thin Mints, Donuts  I don't want to wear them on my midsection.

Last week I started to fine tune my eating habits again. I know my trigger is SUGAR. I can do good the whole day but once the even comes I get the urge to have something sweet and that brings about blowing how good I had been doing.

Now I am working on spreading out how I am eating and the reason of my title of this post.  I have seen many of my friends do Whole 30 and y'all I know I would epically fail to do it. Instead, I have to
make it where I can do it.

I can make recipes and change how I am eating. I know for one bread and rice is a BIG NO, feel NO for me. It does make me bloated feels blah. Go figure when I grew up always eating it. Funny what happens when you get older huh.

I'm been cutting that down. I haven't had rice but and the bread I've tried to eat the least I can.

I have found a few favorites at one of my favorite places Trader Joes!

Here are few I love:

 Let's start with some snacks:

 Epic bars they are so good and they are so filling I love them.

As you can see what's in them is posted on the front of the packaging. THAT is awesome to me. They are perfect to stop those cravings for sure.

I also have been having a battle with soda I as doing good until I broke down BUT I am happy to report I'm back at it.  What helps me is drinking Sparking Water and seltzer water. I think I just need the fizz.

Dinner goodies:

Remember I said rice and bread are my enemies well I got an answer for my rice. I LOVE the cauliflower rice. I get my fill and I am a happy camper.

I also like the sweet potatoes that are ready to go as well as the grains and veggie mix. Trader Joe really is awesome.

I also like to make zoodles mixes when I eat ground turkey. Another good choice is  some pre-made frozen garlic chicken which is so easy to finish off.

I hope sharing what I am doing will inspire you if like me you feel you're not quite ready to do the whole 30 as of yet. What is important is that you are getting the healthiest you can be and doing it for you.

It feels awesome to be taking care of myself and you should too!

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