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Realty vs Dreaming : March Blog Goals

Can you believe that February is basically over? I am in shock how fast this month flew by. That means it's time to share my stats for this month and what I want to work on for the coming month.

Starting Stats for February 

Facebook Page: 817
Instagram: 1387
Twitter: 2801

Ending Stats for February

Instagram: 1385
Pinterest: 575

Here I am sharing and it seems this month was another crawling month. Expect for Instagram which went down. I don't know about IG anymore. I use to love it but now it's not as fun as it was for me. Sure the name of the game is higher the number the more opportunities you get. This is when I take out my pen and paper and get to writing.

As you can see Twitter is my highest once again and it's actually where I get most of my engagement and have the most fun (besides my blog)


This coming month my goal is to finish up a few courses I had started when I had purchased the Blogging Bundle that was available a few months ago.  I have learned a few things from them and the first thing is to focus on one thing at a time.

I must say I am guilty of doing more an one thing at a time and that could cause me not to be able to finish anything I had planned and give me the Blah Blogger feels (if you blog then you might be familiar with it)
I also want to engage more on my Facebook Page and see if that will change the stats on there because although I do share each of my posts they don't get the engagement as I would hope. 

As far as campaigns I did have 2 this month which I am so thankful for.  I would love to do some more for this coming month if possible. My goal is to apply to at least 4 campaigns a week and see what comes of it.

That is another thing I am learning. Do NOT get discouraged if you sign up for campaigns and you aren't chosen. Remembering WHY we blog right now is more important and if we are right for a company then we would hope they will value us enough to want to work with us as we would love to work with them.

I also to remember that YES I would love to be able to make an income by doing what I love which is blogging but I also need to  think this over since next year my youngest will be in school and I might have to go find a job outside the home because truth be told having an extra income is needed. Time to pop that bubble of dreams and put my feet firmly on the floor.

What I have learned these last 3 months is sometimes even if you think you are doing what you need to sometimes that's not the road you need to go and I'm coming to terms with that. 

What are some goals you are working on? Are you seeing yourself moving forward or do you think it's time to go a different path? I'd love to hear about it! 

Here is a productive and fruitful new month for us all.
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