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3 Activities to Celebrate Dr.Seuss with Your Kids

In honor of Dr.Seuss, I thought I'd share 3 different activities that you could do with your kids. For us, Dr.Suess is very important because Cat in the Hat has been the first book my kids learned to read. I am hoping that it will be the same with my youngest.

Here are the 3 different activities that you can do with your kids to celebrate.


Green Eggs and Ham 

For breakfast and start of the day,  I couldn't imagine any other way but to serve a nice platter of one of our favs. Cause who doesn't like green eggs and ham!

This is super easy to create. All you do is prepare your mix of scrambled eggs and add a few drops of green food coloring before cooking. As an added bonus why not recite some of your favorite lines from the story. 

Dunk Fishing

This one is inspired by the book above. Just grab a couple of bowls and set them up so your kids can shoot into them with goldfish. See who can get more fish into a bowl to determine the winner and then enjoy the treat!

Create Your Own Socks

Stop by the Dollar store and pick up a pair of socks or even use an old pair and have your kids decorate them as they like and read the funny and awesome Fox in Socks which happens to be one my personal favorites.

I hope these little activities have given you a little idea and you go out and celebrate. I am so thankful or Dr.Seuss and the love of reading he helped me plant in my kids.

For an added bonus why not watch the movie Cat in Hat which is so funny here then read the book once you are done and compare what you read and saw. My kids love to point out the lines of the book in the movie.

Happy Birthday, Dr.Seuss now go out and celebrate!
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