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3 Workouts in Under 30 Minutes

How busy are you every day? I know you must be looking at the screen saying "Girl I hardly any time to even come can read this post but I love you so much I had to check out what this was about" or at least I hope that's what your saying. Seriously though I know our lives are always go, go and go but I truly believe we have to give ourselves the time each day (or try) to do a little something to work on ourselves.

Here are 3 workout that don't take too much time but you'll see a difference when you stick to doing them.  You'll be sure to have to give yourself a high five! (or is that just me who does that?)

So go grab a mat and join me!

There are 6 different moves in this short video to help with that little pooch area:

Next is my favorite to get moving which uses a Kettlebell. I love using the kettlebells because long after your finished  you feel the "burn" and you really feel like you have worked your whole body and not just your core.

Next is actually my favorite workout out gal she is so much fun even she is making you feel the burn and you want to ask HOW are you smiling at me your killing me, but after you done your like MAN I love Cassey!

Here is actually a 30minute full body workout that gets it all done and feeling great after.

I hope these have motivated you to get up and do a little workout today and perhaps start a routine for yourself.

What is your favorite kind of workouts do you like?
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